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5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, & Eviction

You don't have to drown under Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction. As a consumer you have rights to prevent, fight, and even eliminate all of the above using nothing but the law and your rights within it. This is the guide that Debt Collectors, Lenders, and Landlords pray that you'll never read.

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The Most Important 5 Steps that you will Ever Take!

Steps. We celebrate a child’s first steps — and we should. It represents the beginning of that child’s independence. Getting from point A to point B by themselves, feeding themselves, using the bathroom by themselves, etc.

However, most believe we only take those “first steps” once in our life. Not true. When it comes to any goal or desire that we may have, we must take those “first steps” to get to it.

The hardest part for a toddler when trying to take their first steps is that it goes against everything they’ve experienced up to that point.

They’ve always been carried. Whether in a stroller or in their parent’s arms. Therefore, just the thought of them being able to “carry themselves” is confusing, and perhaps even scary.

When facing Debt, Foreclosure, or Eviction — We as adults run into the same dilemma. We want to do something about it, but we may be confused or scared — and we have always been told that we need someone else to help us in these matters. A Lawyer, a paralegal, etc.

But just like a toddler won’t always need a stroller, we don’t always need an attorney to help us fight back against Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction.


You can do it yourself!

With the 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction you empower yourself not only with knowledge, but also save thousands of dollars using your own rights as a consumer to break free from debt, foreclosure, and eviction. And for once you’re not relying on or trusting someone else.


The Benefit Of Fighting For Yourself

With many consumers, it’s not so much that they “can’t” fight for themselves, they just don’t want to. Or they are afraid that they will do something wrong so they invest in a false “peace of mind” by spending thousands of dollars on attorney or paralegal services.

This is understandable. However, this isn’t about having a choice. This is about having an advantage.

Let’s face it – there are two types of people in this world when faced with adversity…

The ones who fight, and the ones who fall.

Real peace of mind comes with action first. You can force your lender or landlord’s hand into giving you an honest modification of loan or lease terms.

You don’t have to deal with unfair, inconvenient, and even embarrassing debt collectors. You probably think it’s “too late” to put up a fight in your situation — And perhaps you’re right. But do you know for sure?

Most people facing aggressive Debt collection, foreclosure, and eviction don’t realize that there are huge benefits to implementing strategies “Pro Se” — which is basically Latin for “for yourself.”

For example, a person dealing with hounding debt collectors can turn the tables on collections agencies and actually make thousands of dollars from a relatively easy legal process supported by the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act).

Homeowners facing foreclosure (or who have already been foreclosed) that have desperately tried to get refinanced or their loans modified could force their lender’s hand due to a Pro Se legal process supported by RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act).


The Price Of Paying Someone Else To Fight For You

Origination Fees, Closing Fees, Late Fees, Early Cancellation Fees, Annual Fees, Balance Transfer fees…

The above fees may seem like fees associated with closing on a home or some other big ticket purchase — but they’re not. Those are just some of the fees that come with your typical “Debt Consolidation or Settlement” programs.

Simply put, Debt consolidation will cost you thousands of dollars. Usually based on a percentage of the amount of debt being “settled”.

Not to mention the fact that there are so many Debt Settlement and consolidation scams that will do nothing more than milk you for thousands of dollars, waste time, and give you nothing more than a glorified credit report.

There are, however, a few reputable Debt programs out there. Before you spend a dime on either — you need to know which is which.

We specialize in helping you not only know the difference between a reputable, trustworthy Debt consilidation program, but we have a proven method that can help you use your debt situation to actually MAKE MONEY.

Yes. You read that correctly. The Debt collection and consolidation industry is essentially the “Wild West” in America right now, and many of us seem to be caught in the middle of it without a weapon.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are Federal laws that give you the weapon necessary to fight back. Keep reading to find out how to use that weapon…

For Homeowners facing Foreclosure and/or eviction – the landscape is no different. Probably worse.

The average American has been given so little information on what to do during the foreclosure crisis that Law Firms and fly-by-night Legal Services companies have made a killing taking advantage of homeowners like vultures.

Attorney’s and law firms charge thousands of dollars (usually in the 4 to 5 figure range) just to fight a losing battle in court.

Some use “contingency” to lure clients. The client thinks they are getting legal services for free, but usually this just means that the charges are deferred regardless of the outcome. Which only puts the homeowner even deeper in debt.

The fact is, you can do as much or more on your own “Pro-Se” than a Attorney or Paralegal can for essentially less than a tank of gasoline.


But who Are The H.E.L.P Advocates?

The H.E.L.P Advocates are a small group of legal professionals, paralegals, and realtors who have worked on both sides of the line. From Debt consolidation to eviction defense we have seen the ins and outs, the good and the bad of the Debt and foreclosure situation in America the last 5 years.

Unfortunately, many Americans have found themselves confused, intimidated, and often misled during this crisis, therefore, the H.E.L.P Advocates came together as a means to empower these Americans in order to help create smarter consumers.


It’s not a charity, it’s a movement.

So what do we get out of it? Quite simply, we get a level playing field. Given that we are a group with varying interests in the Real Estate and Debt field, we’ve found that Lawyers and scam “membership” programs are milking the very consumers who should be using that money for renting or buying a new home and fighting on their own. Or the consumers who should be improving or cultivating their credit and debt situations.

Real Estate investors that profit from selling and managing properties can’t do that if so many hard working potential renters and buyers are bled dry from vultures and end up with even worse debt and credit situations.

Believe it or not, “middle man” realty companies and small-to-mid-size investors and business owners suffered right along with homeowners during the housing crisis. We didn’t get a “bail out” like the big banks. What we did get, however, was a pool of scorned, misled homeowners and consumers. Making it difficult for both consumers and small business owners to regain trust and prosperity.

So in a sense, this is our way of helping make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Informed consumers may be harder to “sell” to, but we believe that informed consumers are more loyal, and in the end, loyalty benefits us all.



Can our strategies help Renters?

It absolutely helps renters.

Those who are not homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they don’t have the same options or any at all when it comes to fighting debt collections or eviction. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Renters have more rights and options in the face of eviction, and as many rights and options in the face of fighting unfair debt collection as homeowners.

Are you familiar with how thousands of tenants who have paid their rent are still facing eviction due to the “Ellis Act” in California?

Many of them have already been evicted without knowing their rights or whether their eviction was even legal.

Do you think your lender/landlord/or the companies you’re in debt to are going to “work” with you?

Think again.

The one fact you can take to the bank (pun intended) is that the lender or landlord is not working for you. They don’t make money by working for you or with you.

You clicked that link or came to this site because you’re in a position where a lender or landlord has proven that they will do anything they can — regardless of legality — to separate you from your money or your home simply because they think they can.


Don’t Believe Us — Believe the Facts

Before 2009, renters in foreclosed properties enjoyed no federal protections and state laws varied widely.

Under the laws of many states, even today, the lease agreement between a tenant and a defaulting landlord does not survive foreclosure and tenants who have done everything right, paid their rent on time, and complied with all of the terms of their leases can be legally evicted with little or no notice.



Some 890 consumer credit lawsuits involving Wrongful Debt Collection Practices were filed in May 2012 in the 90 federal court districts in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a data gathering and research organization based at Syracuse University.


“I believe Unfair Debt Collection practice suits are on the rise because the debt collection and credit reporting industries are growing quickly, and unfortunately, so is the frequency of unscrupulous debt collection practices, along with the reporting of inaccurate consumer information and misuse of such information,”

- Jonathan Harris, a staff attorney for the Public Justice Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy group in Baltimore.

“Consumers are becoming more savvy and are learning ways to stand up for themselves,” he said.




It’s easy to think that the system is set up for most of us to fail if we don’t have the right figure in our bank accounts or the right friends in high places. In some ways this is true. But be honest with yourself — do you know this for sure?

Do you know what the FDCPA is and how it can help you earn thousands in claims with a simple letter?

Or how it can stop harassing debt collection calls if used properly?

Are you familiar with the RESPA and the opportunities and rights that it provides to homeowners facing foreclosure?

Or how lenders routinely violate RESPA simply because homeowners don’t know that they are (and they get away with it)?

It’s not always about “who” you know. Most of the time it’s “what” you know.



These days, any promise or claim is worthless unless it is on paper. Allow us to show you what we mean… on paper — Legally binding paper.

Have you ever heard of a judge forcing a Debt collector to actually pay someone that supposedly owes them? You read that right. The tables can be turned with the right strategy and knowledge.

SEE FOR YOURSELF a court judgment where the Judge forced a debt collector to pay a man that allegedly owed them thousands.

Facing Foreclosure?

Do you know that your home can be (or probably has been) Auctioned off by the lender?

SEE FOR YOURSELF an official document that nullifies a wrongful foreclosure auction sale!




Simply put, you can’t afford to waste thousands of dollars on “debt consolidation” or attorney fees and “paralegal” services just “hoping” that they’ll do the exact same things that you can do for yourself.

A few of our advocates spent years working for “legal preparation services” that charged anywhere from $100 to $1500 per month for something that you not only could do on your own — but even they expect you to do it on your own. (they provide the documents, but you do the filing.) Granted, sometimes these legal preparation companies and law firms do good work for clients — and sometimes they don’t.

The problem is that they capitalize on the fact that so few Americans actually know what can and can’t be done on their behalf. Which gives these companies the “flexibility” to charge ridiculous amounts of money without having to clarify what they’re actually doing.

This isn’t about law firms, debt companies, paralegals or even the H.E.L.P Advocates — this is about you. The only person you can trust at times like these is yourself — empower yourself – that’s what the 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction does.



- The legal secret to making Debt collectors pay you thousands! (and it’s all legal and based on federal and state laws that most American’s don’t even know exist.)

- 5 easy steps for each category — Debtors (those dealing with debt and debt collections), Homeowners (facing foreclosure and eviction), and Tenants (facing eviction.) So it’s actually 15 valuable steps toward empowering yourself in these trying times. We combined those three categories based on the fact that so many Americans have found themselves in at least 2 out of those 3 situations in the last decade.

- A step-by-step breakdown of what to expect in the Foreclosure process. Every notice, every trick, every secret within the foreclosure process that lender’s bank on you not knowing. Therefore, even if you decide to get a lawyer or hire a paralegal service, you’ll understand the process enough to know when you’re being scammed or not.

- A step-by-step breakdown of what to expect as a Tenant facing eviction. How to obtain a *real* free credit report. Not from the “free credit report” companies that ask for your credit card numbers — but the credit report that the *law* stipulates that you should get at your own request.

- A Guide to how our past clients delayed & even stopped their foreclosures dead in their tracks — *LEGALLY*.

- A Guide to how our past clients delayed & even stopped their rental evictions using information that landlords think and hope you don’t know.

- How to expose the scams and half-truths in the debt consolidation/settlement industry. (And these scams are more rampant now than ever.)

- How to put an end to harassing Debt collector phone calls!

- How to make sure you were rightfully foreclosed upon, and what to do when you find out that you were not.

- How to get detailed directions & templates to file your own paperwork to fight for yourself


All of this and more – not only included in the 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction, but it’s also written in simple, layman terms that anybody can understand.

If you’re smart enough to obtain credit, sign a lease, or sign your name on mortgage documents — you’re smart enough to fight back.

Remember, this isn’t about “taking a chance” or “trying.” This is about doing. These are your unclaimed rights as a consumer.

Now is the time to handle your situation under your own terms. The terms of creditors and/or landlords haven’t done you any good to this point – have they?


If you’re in debt – fine.

That doesn’t mean you have to be disrespected by debt collectors. Make them pay – literally and legally. All the while living by a guide that helps you stay out of the debt hole in the future.

Facing foreclosure? Eviction? No problem.

If you have to move, do it on your own terms – when you want – how you want – LEGALLY. Give yourself time to make crucial decisions about your next step.



Before you read any further and get your 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction, answer these questions —

- If you’re being hounded by debt collectors, have you ever read the rules that debt collectors *must* follow before they can legally collect from you?

- Do you know that most of their most common tactics are actually illegal and they can be sued for them?

Included with your 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction is a list of the those common illegal tactics as well as how to get them to stop and pay you for it.

- Do you know how to write a Trustee Letter that can prevent the auction of your home after foreclosure? Your 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction includes a template and directions as to how to execute one.

All of the above included in your 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction E-Book.




- How to Earn thousands fighting back against Debt Collectors

- A full template and instructions to send your own Qualified Written request.

All for less than half the cost of a tank of gasoline.

For less than the cost of dinner and a movie.

Before you spend thousands paying Debt settlement companies, attorneys, or paralegal services —

Contribute a one-time $19 payment and get all of the above and FIGHT BACK!

Or don’t. Don’t fight, don’t get all the information you need to fight debt, foreclosure, and eviction.

At the very least we ask that you continue to read our weekly Advocate Newsletter and follow THIS LINK to sign a petition help us fight for these causes.

One of the main lessons we’ve all learned helping those in debt or facing foreclosure and eviction – is that old adage that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

But we’re confident that you’ll deal with enough of the heat of unlawful consumer practices by vulture corporations, and that we’ll bring you to the water enough times that you’ll realize that you need to drink at some point.

If you’re facing debt, foreclosure or eviction then surely you’ve made decisions that you may regret or wish that you handled differently.

Don’t make this another regret.

Get the information that you need now. Eliminate the REgret and replace it with a REsponse.



…Is not today. Yes, you read that correctly. The best time to prepare yourself with the right information to fight back is NOT today.

It was actually yesterday. Or perhaps a week ago. Or months ago. We don’t know your specific situation, but we do know that when it comes to Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction — time is of the essence.

If you’re in debt, the debt collectors have already hatched their scheme of harassment, default judgments, wage garnishment, and tarnishing your credit.

If you’re facing foreclosure – your lender has already prepared to auction off your home (if they haven’t already), and prepared to go to court to file the necessary documents to have you evicted.

If you’ve already received an eviction letter, the wheels have already begun to turn toward your locks being changed and a Sheriff’s deputy enforcing what is already on paper.

They didn’t wait. They didn’t hesitate. They didn’t “talk it over” with anyone else before they made their move.

What they did do was figure out the law, figure out what they could and couldn’t get away with, and then took action.

And now it’s your turn to do the same.

The only difference between you and them — they’ve already spent thousands of dollars preparing to come after you. Legal fees, lawyers, and other procedures.

Not only are they banking on the hope that those thousands of dollars will help them get what they want — but they’re also banking on you not knowing what it takes to stop them.

We can’t stop them from spending thousands of dollars to come after you, but with the 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction E-Book it won’t matter how fast they move, how aggressive they are, or how much money they spend.



The umbrella? The storm? What does that even mean, right?

It’s simple. After a decade of consumer advocacy in debt settlement and real estate, we’ve seen it all. One of the most common reactions we’ve encountered when we try to inform consumers of their options and their rights is — they mistake us for the “storm” instead of the “umbrella.”

Looking for help is only half the battle. You also need to know who is really helping and who isn’t. Who’s the “umbrella” and who’s the “storm.”

If you’re facing debt collection, foreclosure, and/or eviction, the following is your “storm” —

– Aggressive and downright vicious debt collection tactics.

– A “sinkhole” of debt that can only grow deeper as long as you’re not sure how to stop it.

– Misleading and “scam” debt collection and debt settlement companies that will charge you hundreds to thousands and leave you in the dark.

– Attorneys and law firms charging thousands for simple court procedures that you can do by yourself while using the smoke and mirrors of legal jargon to muzzle and confuse you.

– Law firms using the misleading “contingency” payment plan (where they claim you don’t have to pay anything up front) only to have you sign an agreement that creatively overcharges in the end regardless of the outcome.

– Legal preparation companies selling “hope”, getting you to sign a contract, and charging hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly to “help” you do what you could do for yourself.

– Going through this process blind, hiring someone or some company to do “trial and error” case work that only end up burning bridges along with precious time and thousands of dollars.

You have options.

You have a choice.

You don’t have to bow to the aggression and intimidation tactics.


— Remember, this is a one-time $19 contribution that you’re paying for, but you will continue to receive the latest info regarding the ever-changing landscape of tenant and homeowner law via our Advanced Advocate News.

Your 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction E-Book .PDF will be downloadable immediately after purchase.

*The information within the 5-Step Guide to Fighting Debt, Foreclosure, and Eviction E-Book only pertains to laws and procedures in the United States of America.

PLUS you’ll have access to our Support email address for any questions or concerns you may have.

AND DON’T FORGET TO SIGN A PETITION — sign one or all of these petitions to help us further awareness in the fight to arm debtors, homeowners, and renters such as yourself with the rights and knowledge you need.

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Some 890 consumer credit lawsuits involving Wrongful Debt Collection Practices were filed in May 2012 in the 90 federal court districts in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a data gathering and research organization based at Syracuse University.
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Since 2010, the FTC has pursued about 15 debt-collection cases, collecting $52.5 million in judgments, Koegel says.
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Got a 3-Day Notice after my home was auctioned off. Thought I had to move my whole life in three days. H.E.L.P Advocates showed me how to stay in my home an additional 6-months!
Orlando B.
Never in a million years did I think that aggressive debt collectors could result in me MAKING money. H.E.L.P Advocates introduced me to a simple process that not only stopped bill collectors in their tracks, but also resulted in a $1,000 judgment for me!
Steven M.

About The H.E.L.P. Advocates

A small group of experienced Consumer Advocates specializing in helping consumers in Debt, and consumers facing foreclosure and/or eviction.

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